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Transform the Way You Teach.

Build your knowledge and confidence with our in-depth training. You deserve high-quality training that sets you up to provide top-notch services to your students. Study at your own pace and take the certification test when you’re ready.

The Complete Package


Get practical skills training, analyzing 9+ hours of student speech samples from our database and watching to 16 hours of real training sessions for better understanding of training flow and feedback methods. You’ll learn by watching us teach as well as by working on your own listening and feedback skills.


Extensive activities are available to improve your knowledge of American English and your ability to teach it effectively. Language-specific resources, along with analysis of speakers from 18 different language backgrounds, will help you prep for any new student who comes your way. You’ll get more than just a guided assignment or two; you’ll have access to hours upon hours of hands-on skills training activities to improve your knowledge and skill.

Full Coverage

With 900+ lessons, you can be sure that we have every pronunciation lesson you need. Language skills are also addressed as we find this is an important component for almost any student. Our detailed lessons will teach you things you didn’t know about English, even if you’re a native speaker!


Understand and recognize the intricacies of placement and movement for each sound, stress patterns, intonation, linking, reductions and more. We have 4+ hours of video just devoted to teaching these concepts one by one (outside of the 14-hour recorded workshop).


There is a ton of content available to you; so much that it will take you far beyond what’s necessary for your initial certification, giving you ample opportunity to grow and develop over time. With our program, you only need to pay one fee for access to all of our content and training resources; we don’t make you register for multiple training levels. We are committed to providing the best training to our trainers so they can do a great job serving their own students.

Structured, yet Flexible

You’ll get access to sequences that guide you through individual sessions as well as through training courses. These sequences have structure, but also allow flexibility to meet different students’ needs. Plan the right number of hours for each student with our guided approach. Accurately identify every student need using our in-depth evaluation and analysis guide.

Save Time and Provide Value

We set out to create a streamlined program that saves trainers’ time and allows you to provide students with the most bang for their buck. Focus your time and energy on teaching and growing your business, not on intensive planning or material creation. Empower your students with information and resources to make progress in between training sessions.

All-in-One System

Don’t waste your time recreating the wheel! We have everything you need for planning and implementing training programs available in one organized place. During your sessions, easily move from one activity to another with no advance planning. Cover even the smallest details in a structured way—it’s all in the training materials! With our content, you’ll be able to cover more in each session.

Maximize Results

Use our program guides to recommend the right number of training hours for your students. Plan your courses and sessions using our sequences and flows, moving through the training in a logical, efficient way that gets results. Motivate your students to practice by providing them with an organized, easy-to-use system.

Meet Students’ Needs

If you want your business to be successful, you need to understand your students. After working with hundreds of students from all over the world, we can anticipate and meet their needs much more effectively. We will pass that knowledge along to you! You’ll learn what motivates students to move forward, what challenges they face along their journey, and how identify and respond to red flags.

Grow Your Skills

Being a native speaker is not enough; gain the specialized knowledge and understanding of American English pronunciation you need to take your students to the highest level. Take your learning even further with exercises to train your ear and increase your ability to provide constructive feedback to students.

Engage and Grow

Our training course helps you prepare to provide great training services by expanding your knowledge and skills. High-quality training services lead to great results, which in turn lead to more referrals and growth for your business. You’ll have access to tons of information and activities that you can study and refer back to as needed.

Methods for teaching more content in less time.

Accent assessment tool for identifying student needs.

Access to our extensive library of student and trainer content.

Session and course sequences/flows.

Strategies for identifying and tackling problems head-on.

Hands-on skills training to improve your assessment and training abilities

Organized, comprehensive materials for effective, productive sessions.

Business basics start-up information.

Workshop Agenda

See a detailed schedule of what’s included in our recorded training event. Just to be clear, the 14-hour recorded training is only the tip of the iceberg. We have hours of additional video, audio, practice activities, and more available to you.
“I have looked far and wide for a pronunciation training program like the Rupp Method…The teacher training she provides is incredibly detailed. It is interactive and empowering… If you work with clients on pronunciation training, this system can’t be beat!”


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