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Englission is a robust e-learning platform designed to engage students and enhance their learning. With better home learning opportunities, students participate in longer and more productive practice. This enhanced practice leads to better outcomes for your students, and subsequently, better outcomes for your business.

Englission Features

Englission, our e-learning site, has extensive training content for both trainers and students. Access absolutely everything you need for your accent training sessions in one place. For those working remotely, easily share your screen with students and assign them activities to practice at home.


4+ hours of tutorials demonstrate and explain production of individual sounds, sound patterns, stress, and more. Longer, extended videos (10 to 20 minutes in length) take students through full lessons on tricky concepts.

Comprehensive Content

96 courses with 900+ lessons featuring extensive activities, including word lists, sentences, paragraphs, speaking activities, and quizzes. Activities feature both basic words and advanced business vocabulary to ensure great carryover to the workplace.

Guided Learning

Pronunciation concepts are strategically cross-referenced in each activity, providing helpful reminders to promote generalization of their skills. With so much support, your students can make significant progress in between each training session, maximizing the impact of lessons with you.

Current & Accessible

Students can access the site on their smartphone, iPad, or desktop computer. Our fun, yet professional, site provides everything students need in one place. Organized, easily-accessible activities lead students to practice more. More practice = more growth!

Relevant Material

Vowel, consonants, stress patterns, intonation, rhythm, linking, and reductions are covered in detail. Additional lessons cover common misconceptions, frequently asked questions, and practical topics such as avoiding embarrassing pronunciation pitfalls and tips for being successful over the phone.

Bonus Content

Additional language activities support high-level business English skills; these included at no extra charge. A public speaking course add-on is now available which addresses voice, rate, fluency, speaking anxiety, managerial communication skills, presentation skills, and much more.

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Save Time & Promote Growth

Students move seamlessly from class to at-home practice. With in-depth lessons on every pronunciation concept, Englission gives your students what they need to develop greater accuracy and consistency, even on pronunciation concepts that other systems overlook. Instructors save time by easily assigning lessons for home practice.

Comprehensive Instruction

Every sound and sound pattern your students need is covered, including language-specific activities with detailed tips. Innovative stress and rhythm instruction provides students with strategies to improve consistency. 7+ hours of audio files are available, corresponding to every practice activity. Hours of video tutorials support students’ learning in between sessions.

Beyond the Basics

Both basic words and advanced business vocabulary are included in our materials to ensure great carryover to the workplace. In addition to our extensive core content, students will find additional topic lessons on practical needs such as speaking over the phone and avoiding embarrassing pronunciation pitfalls. Common student questions, concerns, and misconceptions are also addressed.

Support for Every Student

Our practice activities were developed based on the needs of students from 46 different countries; we are confident that you will find everything you need for absolutely every student. That being said, if you can’t find what you need, just let us know– we will either guide you to the right place on the site or consider adding new content for you. Our content is so complete that even native speakers can use our materials! Actors, video bloggers, and professional public speakers have used our system to improve clarity and naturalness.

Great Value

Students can get a full year of access to all pronunciation and language content on Englission for just $180. This one-year membership will give your students plenty of time to complete their training program and maintain their results after their course is complete. Some trainers have students enroll directly from our site while others roll the cost of the membership into their total student training fee. Students can continue their membership (after their first year) for just $12/month.
“This program has everything you’d expect from an accent reduction program and more. As an SLP, I can say that it doesn’t leave out a single aspect of speech production. As a student of the program, I can say that it works. My English pronunciation has improved and I’m able to consistently apply what I have learned.”


Comprehensive Content

We are dedicated to providing great content that results in better teaching with less effort for our trainers.

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A hands-on, in-depth course covering all aspects of accent training.

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