About the Rupp Method

Experience Growth

We use a systematic approach not just for student education, but for trainer education as well. Both new and experienced trainers will gain confidence in their ability to identify errors and provide specific, productive feedback.

Put Our Experience to Good Use

Benefit from our dedication to uncovering patterns in non-native pronunciation. Over the past decade, we have continually refined and perfected our approach and corresponding materials. We have incorporated problematic words, sound transitions, patterns, and more that we have gleaned from intensive study of hundreds of students. Access our specialized knowledge and teaching techniques in order to provide highly efficient, effective training.

Jane Rupp

    • Developed the Rupp MethodTM
    • Wrote American English Pronunciation: The Rupp Method, a 263-page pronunciation training resource
    • Created Englission, an e-learning site for students and trainers
    • Founded Voices of the World Speech Training in 2010
    • Experience with hundreds of students from 46 different countries
    • Teaches hundreds of students each year

Hear Our Story

Before receiving training in the Rupp Method, I completed an accent modification internship. I believed I had a solid foundation to provide quality accent modification training, but when I began training with Jane, I quickly learned that I had room for improvement in teaching and giving feedback to clients. Jane’s training provided exactly what I needed.
– Dominique

Transform the Way You Teach!

Rupp Method Training

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A hands-on, in-depth training for pronunciation teaching skills.

Earn Your Certification

Complete Training for Students and Teachers

How It Works

To maintain active certification, keep an active subscription to our e-learning site for continuous access to core content, important updates, and new content. We continually update and add to our materials and course content; we want you and your students to benefit! Once you’re in our community, we want you to stay at the top of your game. Excellent services lead to more referrals, and more referrals lead to a growing, thriving business.

The Right Fit

We’ve established some guidelines to make sure that the training is a good fit for all of our participants. If you don’t meet our requirements, but would like to take the training, please reach out to us.

To get the most out of the program, it’s best to have a foundation to build on. This is why we ask that participants have at least 1+ year of experience as an SLP (or CF), 2+ years as an SLP-A, or 3+ years as an ESL teacher. Do you have a linguistics degree and teaching experience? You should be a good fit as well. You don’t need any experience in accent training. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.


It’s important that you can quickly and accurately produce all the features you’ll teach your students. For this reason, trainers must be native speakers of American English. If you’re bilingual, all the better! If you have a very slight regional or foreign accent, we will provide guidance and practice activities so that you can feel confident in your ability to model target sounds.


You are welcome to take our training if you do not offer your own training program, materials, training content, or continuing education for students or trainers/teachers, either individually or through your work for a company. This is a complete training system that has absolutely everything you need in one place. It’s easier for students to follow when everything comes from the same source.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information. We would be happy to provide a free consultation to make sure it’s a good fit.

More Than a Certificate

If you’re eager to learn and excited about accent reduction, this training is for you. Let us fuel your passion for teaching English with substantial, in-depth content. Don’t just be a certified trainer—be an effective teacher that students can trust with their time and money.
“After I moved to the US six years ago, I tried a variety of learning paths, including other accent training classes. In my experience, Jane’s methodology and classes are by far the most effective. After completing the basic class, I noticed a tremendous improvement in my American English accent.”


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