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In-Depth Training at Your Fingertips

Build your knowledge and confidence with our in-depth training. You deserve high-quality training that sets you up to provide top-notch services to your students. With your year-long access to our e-learning site, you can study at your own pace and take the certification test when you’re ready.

One E-Learning Site, Two Missions

Our e-learning site covers all the bases, serving as an all-inclusive resource for students and trainers.

Support Students’ Learning

  • 96 courses including video tutorials, audio files, and quizzes to support different learning styles and needs
  • 900+ lessons with intensive practice opportunities for students
  • 4+ hours of detailed video instruction for individual sounds, sound patterns, stress, intonation, linking, and more
  • Structured approach to stress, rhythm and intonation to eliminate guesswork and establish consistency
  • Hierarchical activities including words, sentences, paragraphs, and speaking activities
  • 16 hours of video from a live group pronunciation course
  • Growing repository of language lessons
  • Public speaking training add-on available soon

Train Trainers

  • Access to all student and trainer courses
  • 14 hours of video instruction from our live training course
  • Planning tools, including course and session sequences and flows
  • Evaluation instruction with detailed analysis guide; evaluation protocols available for purchase with trainer certification
  • 9+ hours of audio from non-native speakers with analysis notes
  • Narrow phonetic transcription practice featuring recordings of speakers from 18 different language backgrounds
  • Specialized language-specific tips for teaching tough sounds and patterns
  • Business lessons, including how to get started, create consistent income, and generate high student satisfaction
Support Students’ Learning
  • Video tutorials, audio files, and quizzes to support different learning styles and needs
  • Detailed production instruction for vowels, consonants, stress patterns, intonation patterns, linking, and more
  • Hierarchical activities including words, sentences, paragraphs, and speaking activities
Train Trainers
  • Access to all student courses
  • Planning tools, including course and session sequences and flows
  • Evaluation protocol with detailed “what to look for” tips
  • Audio of real students from around the world with analysis notes
  • Basic business courses to help you get started
Trainers build knowledge and fine-tune skills through a wide range of lessons, including narrow phonetic transcription, setting and managing expectations, how to give feedback, increasing student engagement, and more. Learn how to teach students in a structured way that gets results.
Check out our full list of trainer topics to get a sneak peek of what’s included.

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Unique Training for Unique Needs

Accent training is a unique service that requires unique skills. Our goal is ramp up your learning trajectory and speed up your growth, funneling you towards your goal of being a knowledgeable, effective instructor to your students.

Comprehensive Instruction

  • Extensive range of sounds and sound patterns to meet every need
  • Innovative stress and rhythm instruction, enabling students with strategies to improve consistency
  • Audio files corresponding to every practice activity
  • Video tutorials show you how to explain production and common pitfalls to students

Specialized Feedback Methods

  • Gain awareness of language-specific pronunciation errors
  • Improve your ability to quickly identify problems and provide specific feedback
  • Learn how to fix even the trickiest errors with detailed techniques

Trainer-Specific Topics

  • Detailed program flow showing ideal order for sound and skill introduction, taking the guesswork out of planning
  • Session structure outline with strategies for improving efficiency
  • Core business courses are included in the certification course

Skills Training

  • Practice your analysis skills with audio from real students reading passages from our training book
  • Study our analyses of student recordings to better understand problems and patterns
  • Listen to audio from real training sessions for demonstration of feedback techniques, answers to common questions, and explanations of concepts
“This program has everything you’d expect from an accent reduction program and more. As an SLP, I can say that it doesn’t leave out a single aspect of speech production. As a student of the program, I can say that it works. My English pronunciation has improved and I’m able to consistently apply what I have learned.”


Comprehensive Content

We are dedicated to providing great content that results in better teaching with less effort for our trainers.

Transform the Way You Teach!

Rupp Method Training Workshop

Participate Online Anytime with Guided Support 


A hands-on, in-depth course covering all aspects of accent training.

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