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Never hunt for materials again—we’re confident that our training book will cover your every need and more. Providing the very best content is our top priority. After getting certified, purchase materials for your students or have them order directly from us.
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View the table of contents from our training book, American English Pronunciation: The Rupp Method, along with notes explaining key features of our activities.
Full-Coverage Content
Our 263-page training book covers every skill students need to learn, from basic to advanced. The book includes a wide range and number of practice items, all presented in a structured, detailed way that makes planning easy for trainers and promotes student success.
  • Includes spelling patterns, detailed pronunciation instructions for each sound, and advanced correction tips.
  • Words and word pairs carefully crafted to cover various sound-to-sound transitions.
  • Bonus word sets and phrases in many sections highlighting highly-specific, difficult-to-correct sound errors.
  • Sentences, paragraphs, and speaking activities loaded with the target sound(s).
  • In-depth explanations and practice for word, phrase, and sentence stress as well as intonation and linking
  • Audio files corresponding to every practice item.
Why Use a Physical Book?
Using a physical book helps maintain fluid interaction, communication, and note-taking throughout sessions. Identifying and marking sounds, stress, and other pronunciation features are a critical part of the student’s learning process. Students use markings, feedback, and notes to engage in more successful practice at home. Trainers quickly and easily move from section to section, flipping back and forth as needed.
Our e-learning site contains student learning and practice activities which correspond to our physical training book. A variety of special trainer-only lessons and resources are available as well.


Tutorials demonstrating and explaining production of individual sounds, sound patterns, stress, and more.

Answer keys

Check markings of target sounds in sentences and paragraphs.


Helpful reminders and tips highlighting common pitfalls throughout each practice section.

On-the-Go Access

Students can access the site with a smart phone or computer. Practice anytime, anywhere!

Trainer-Only Content

Grow your knowledge and skills with training and business topics.

Bonus Content

Includes additional language activities for students.

View detailed information about our online content and coursework for trainers.
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A hands-on, in-depth training for pronunciation teaching skills.

“With other programs, I found myself creating additional materials for my clients because the programs were just not comprehensive enough.  Jane Rupp has created a fantastic resource.  The text book is exactly what I would have written!”


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