CANNS Evaluation

The Communication Assessment of Native and Non-Native Speakers (CANNS) covers every aspect of American English pronunciation, including vowels, diphthongs, consonants, reductions, linking, stress and intonation. The assessment also provides specific targets that will draw out difficulties with pronunciation of particular spelling patterns. This is a very important factor when evaluating the needs of second language learners.

While the focus of the assessment is on pronunciation, collecting and using data on language skills is discussed as well.

1.5-Hour Training Video

Digital Stimulus Sheet

10 Evaluation Protocols (contiguous US only)

Analysis Guides

3 Months of Access

Hands-On Practice (with Real Student Audio)

More Than an Evaluation

With great attention to detail, the CANNS includes the exact targets needed to uncover clients’ pronunciation needs, even those with very small differences between their current production and that of a neutral/standard dialect of American English. This makes the CANNS a great choice for evaluating both native and non-native speakers.  The targets are based on the needs we’ve seen in hundreds of students from 48 different countries.


Beyond access to the test, you’ll get a 1.5-hour training course showing you the ropes. You’ll learn how we discuss evaluations with students and explore set-up options that can significantly reduce your admin time.


We’ll guide you through how to use the CANNS, providing examples for each subtest so you feel more confident going in. Our detailed analysis guide shows you the most frequent errors for each pronunciation target.


Finally, you’ll be able to listen to a real student going through the CANNS evaluation to practice your analysis skills.

Understand how evaluations fit into your sales strategy

Create an evaluation session plan

Recognize common error patterns

Improve quality and range of data collected

Learn strategies for growing your skills

Understand how to link assessment + training


Wondering how this fits in with the Rupp Method? You can use the assessment on its own without being a Rupp Method trainer. You do, however, need to be a speech-language pathologist to register for this course. If you are an accent trainer or pronunciation coach who is NOT a speech-language pathologist, please reach out to us to make sure the course is a good fit before registering. We are not excluding anyone, but we do want to make sure you have the background knowledge necessary to be successful in using this assessment.


Any questions about the assessment? Please reach out to us. We do not offer refunds once you have access to the course (as you’ll have downloads available right away). We are happy to answer any questions you have before you dive in to make sure the CANNS is exactly what you need.


Register using the button below. After you register, you’ll receive an email from us with information about how to access the course.

Thinking about taking our full training? For a limited time, we’ll give you a $100 credit if you register for this course, then register for our full Rupp Method Certification Course within three months. Please reach out to us with questions. 




I’m Jane Rupp, author of the CANNS. If you have questions, I want to know about them, so don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m just an email, phone call, or text away. Whether you have a question now or while you’re going through the course, I am here to help.

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